Kubernetes Security Assessment

As organisations accelerate their adoption of containers and container orchestrators, the required expertise and necessary steps to protect their infrastructure deployments.
Cogito Group experts provide customers with the support they need to meet internal standards and security best practices to help protect your infrastructure from vulnerabilities, and do so by reviewing and providing recommendations for:

  • Kubernetes component configuration
  • Role based access control
  • Host level security


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Kubernetes Security Assessment

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for Kubernetes Cloud Security?

Cogito Group can help your organisation feel at ease that your hosting environment is secure and that you are able to provide your services. Cogito Group's professional auditors provide an exceptional service and solutions to organisations worldwide.

Kubernetes Cloud Security

If you're a progressive organisation using Kubernetes then securing your container orchestration is a crucial step in protecting your Intellectual Property (IP). Our experts provide a comprehensive report for retrospect deployments or we build you a greenfield Kubernetes deployment that already adheres to customer policies and industry standards.

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We work with exceptional people in growing companies, through curious individuals in smart teams we challenge the thinking of others to help our clients' organisations create opportunity with each decision.

Businesses should be empowered by technology so we design and develop infrastructure-as-code which is simple, modular and scalable so your organisation can easily manage resources.

Focussing on delivering secure, vendor agnostic solutions, our experts help clients to benefit from cloud-services without the risk of vendor volatility, environmental inconsistency and abstracted security control.

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Through our qualified engineers and developers, we not only provide reliable professional services and access to the latest innovative solutions, we provide training to clients' IT departments to improve your security, productivity and long term stability.

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